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Art Psychotherapy Teaching and CPD Training


When teaching, my specialism is practicing from psychodynamic foundations, integrating intersectional and feminist perspectives, exploring identity and difference and raising a consciousness in practitioners surrounding issues of power and privilege in art therapy practice.

As a woman from the Gypsy Romani Traveller (GRT) community my therapeutic practice and teaching is informed by personal experiences of marginalisation and a passion for social justice and giving voice to less socially dominant groups. This is also important in my considerations of art therapy and psychodynamic theory.   

I have many years experience working as a lecturer, reflective practice and training group facilitator and workshop facilitator on MA Art Psychotherapy and foundation trainings.

   • I lecture using case study presentations, embedding current theoretical perspectives on intersectional theory and frameworks, while exploring the impact of intersectional thinking on more traditional psychodynamic theories, which many art therapists in the UK practice by. I am passionate about the consideration of issues of difference, identity and the impact of cultural, social and political contexts on working from psychodynamic foundations.

   • I run experiential sessions and workshops that focus participants on self-reflectivity in relation to identity and the way in which experience for varying social and cultural location impacts on work with clients. 

   • I run bespoke continued professional development trainings within organisations and for teams with focus on anti racism and equity. 

If you would like to enquire about my teaching do get in touch, I look forward to hearing from you!  

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